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Rachel White, Sports Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian
Rachel white, sports nutritionist, during a race, wearing a running backpack

Enjoy sport without worrying about what you eat

If you struggle with fatigue, constantly feeling drained and unable to perform at your best, it’s time to take a closer look at your food intake. But with so much misinformation about diet and nutrition, how do you know who to trust?

It’s time to seek evidence-based support.

Finding reliable health information is becoming more difficult in today’s digital age. Bad advice lurks around every corner, and following it can harm your well-being.

As a registered sports dietitian with extensive experience in both the NHS and private practice, I use the latest scientifically based nutrition and health data to deliver personalised and actionable advice.

Stop wasting time and money on ineffective methods and, instead, join me in achieving the sports adventure you know you’re capable of.

Charlie and Steve standing in front of their canoe, holding their paddles

“Rachel was brilliant in helping us plan for a 125 mile ultra endurance event over 24 hours. She created a tailored food/drink plan and walked us through the timings & preparation required.

We successfully completed the event and Rachel was pivotal in making it possible.”

Charlie and Steve: Devizes to Westminster Canoe Marathon 2023

How I can help you

Everyday Nutrition

Sustain an active and adventurous lifestyle in the long term when you plan your daily meals. This also supports weight loss, health improvement, and other health conditions.

Event Day Nutrition

Get a comprehensive event plan that includes pre-event nutrition, detailed schedules, and event day consultations. For important occasions when you require additional energy.

Sports Team Nutrition

Helping to fuel athletes who share a common goal, guaranteeing that you all receive optimal nutrition support as you prepare for competition.

Hi, I’m Rachel

Like you, I love sports.

As an accredited sports nutritionist and registered dietitian with over eight years of experience in NHS and private practice settings, I have expertise in sports nutrition, weight management, and cancer care.

I enjoy running, travelling, and cooking. This passion drives my aspiration to help others find fulfilment through sports and adventure activities. Based on both personal and professional experience, I understand that each individual is shaped by their unique upbringing, health status, current lifestyle, inspirations, goals, and dreams.

This is why my approach is centred on personalised nutrition advice. I provide you with customised support and practical and achievable strategies for optimising your nutrition for work, recreation, training, and competition.

Rachel White, Sports Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian

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