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Boost your stamina and endurance in preparation for an event day.

Rachel White, Sports Dietitian, running in the desert during an ultramarathon

Want to reach peak performance?

Participating in an event can be daunting and exhausting, especially with lots to prepare. It’s crucial that your body is in optimal condition for the special day, and proper sports nutrition plays a big part in that.

Whether you’re gearing up for a marathon, race, climbing challenge, skiing adventure, or any other strenuous activity, you must be fully equipped and ready to perform at your best.

Feeling overwhelmed by the demands of preparing for your big event is normal. But don’t worry; I am here to help.

Expert guidance from a fellow sports enthusiast

I became a sports nutritionist because I deeply value the positive impact of physical activities on both the body and mind. With my love for cooking and passion for helping others, I became a registered dietitian. With scientifically based support and compassionate guidance, I can help you achieve your goals while personalising the solution to fit your body’s needs.

Rachel was one of the key parts to my success at the 230km Ice Ultra. Her guidance on my nutrition for both the build up and throughout each day were paramount to my completion of the race.

Rachel drummed into me the importance of frequent consumption of food and water over the days and thanks to this I never really found myself in a massive energy deficit.

I would highly recommend Rachel to anyone who would be interested in doing any form of endurance event or simply to improve their daily training.

George – Beyond the Ultimate Ice Ultra 230km

George, Rachel's client, during the Beyond the Ultimate Ice Ultra 230km

How it works

Special event coaching pricing:

3 session package

– 1 x initial consultation (60 minutes)
– 2 x review sessions (45 minutes)


One Off Consultation

I offer a one-off consultation if you’re short on time and need some support in the run up to your event.

60 minutes | £110

This service is delivered online through 60 or 45-minute video call sessions. Here are some common areas of everyday nutrition we can cover:


Personalised Event Support


Hydration Strategies


Nutrient Timing Advice


Regular Monitoring and Adjustment


Mental Preparation Techniques


Behavioural Coaching

Break your PB and improve your chance of winning!

Imagine waking up on the morning of your big event feeling energised and fully prepared for the day.

You’ve spent weeks nourishing your body and mind with delicious, nutrient-rich meals. You have the right snacks packed, and you know the optimal amount of carbs and protein you need for energy.

As a result, you can beat your personal best. The satisfaction of knowing you’ve set yourself up for winning is just within reach.

A man during a race, running on ice, using hiking poles for balance
Ultra X Finland 110 Ultramarathon Logo

“Rachel has been a phenomenal help with my preparation for my first ultramarathon.

Her expertise and guidance were invaluable. She took the time to understand my dietary needs and preferences, tailoring a plan to optimise my performance. I received an incredibly organised fuelling plan for before, during and after the race.

I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking personalised nutritional advice for endurance events. Thanks again Rachel!

Dylan – Ultra X Finland 110 Ultramarathon

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