Achieve lasting health and wellness through better everyday nutrition

Understand your body’s needs, learn meal planning, and create healthy eating habits in the long term.

It’s time to reach your peak

Getting tired quickly? Feeling rundown? Perhaps you want to stay active with exercise, sports, and travel, but your body’s limitations are holding you back.

Maybe you’re sick of trying absurd diets that haven’t delivered the outcomes they promised. Or maybe you need help to recover faster from an injury or manage a health condition effectively.

Whatever your reason, a sports nutritionist and dietitian like me can help.

Customised sports nutrition for your overall well-being

Everyone’s upbringing, biology, lifestyle, dreams, and aspirations shape who they are. That’s why I focus on personalised nutrition advice.

As a registered dietitian and sports nutritionist, I provide tailored support with practical strategies to help you optimise your everyday eating.

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“After 15 years of dieting in one form or another I had had enough of these ‘fashionable’ and overly-restrictive diets.

Rachel provided me with the information and guidance that I needed. This has allowed me lose weight in a sustainable way whilst still being able to enjoy the foods I love.”


How it works

Individual, online appointments – Pay As You Go.

Nutrition and health coaching pricing:

First Consultation: £110 (60-minute)

Follow-Up Consultations: £80 (45-minute)

This service is delivered online through 60-minute video call sessions. Here are some common areas of everyday nutrition we can cover:


Nutritional Education


Goal Setting and Tracking


Active Lifestyle Support


Weight and Health Management


Behavioural Coaching


Long-Term Sustainability

Change your life through better nutrition

Imagine waking up each morning with energy and enthusiasm. You instinctively prepare delicious, nutritious meals that fuel your body and mind.

It’s not just about the food on your plate or the sport you’re playing. It’s also about embracing the belief that you deserve to feel and look your best.

The satisfaction of knowing that you’re taking steps to prioritise your health and well-being is just around the corner.

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“Rachel was very supportive and friendly and very knowledgeable.

She helped us gain confidence in controlling our diets and thinking about food with a fresh perspective.”

R + E: Fine tuning nutrition to improve performance in general health and fitness

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Get sports nutrition and health coaching from a registered dietitian. Don’t let poor nutrition stop you from achieving your health and fitness goals. You’re capable of achieving much more.

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